The fallacy of “permanence” as a sole success measurement.


Permanence = success (in all cases) ?

Permanence is often assumed to be an equivalent for success. This, in my opinion may-be a very popular fallacy.

The permanence of a harpoon in your chest may not be success. The permanence of war and longevity of senseless aggression may not be success. Sometimes success is partially measured by the short duration of an act.

Success is for people to decide within their context. Lately a good number of people allow succes to be defined for them.
We don’t define what success is. We take the generalized meaning of success and we apply it as a blanket term to everything under it. We follow like sheep to definitions of success by others. We follow without questions.

Today we are are expanding our definitions of success and value among other terms. We are expanding meaning to encompass the performance of our systems across other environments, regions and across other types of “new” value areas (e.g. social, cultural and ecological, psychological and other systems).

Success may include usability, accessibility, equality, freedom, peace and other values that use human factors as part of the measuring stick.

How do you define success within different contexts?


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