The price of construction pollution a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists


Californians Put at High Risk from Construction Pollution
New Report Says Polluting Equipment Led to 1,132 Deaths, $9.1 Billion in Damage

“In California, pollution from construction equipment in 2005 was responsible for an estimated 1,132 premature deaths, nearly 183,000 lost work days, 1,086 hospitalizations, and $9.1 billion dollars in annual costs…”

One of the obstacles scientists concerned about pollution have had to overcome was transforming information into a commonly understood form.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has done just that. It has compiled a report that puts together how much pollution is costing us in a (modest) multivalue report that takes into consideration, health risk, costs to businesses and dollar gross dollar figures.

Multivalue examples:
children are missing school
We pay with our health
We pay with higher healthcare costs
83,000 work days missed by employees
700 died in the Los Angeles basin area alone
For every $1.00 spent clening up there are $10.00 in benefits to people.

Go to the following article at the website of The Union of Concerned Scientists >>


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