System dynamics limit maximum human potential


Natural systems if allowed to grow infinitely they will. Those that encounter limitations usually enter a state of chaos sooner or later. Chaos doesn’t need to be a “bad” thing this is just a state of re-design and innovation. But systems that don’t change or adjust even within the presence of chaos end up in self-destruction, and in the destruction of others – in other words, they end up in severe systems failure.

Our mind is a natural system. Our intelligence is a natural system. It’s full development depends on the removal of limitations placed on it. Current limitations include:

Some extremist ideologies, some belief networks, some science, some frameworks, some cultural rules of thought, lack of education or dogmatic education models, devaluation of cognition, lack of diversity in logic models, dogmatic systems, cultural devaluation of cognition, oppressive or dogmatic power systems etc.

If these limitations are removed or re-designed so they don’t act as obstacles, our individual and collective human intelligence has the potential to grow exponentially and infinitely.

-Daniel Montano


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