Thought: a social sculpture


I made a few updates and adjustments to Thought: A Social Sculpture. I added some of the new blog postings and images to it.

For those that are not familiar with this project, Thought is a free book that started as a collection of different ways of thinking, unorthodox thought models, cultural factors, ideas, concepts, theories, philosophies, all included in an integral format in order to inpire you to ask yourself questions, inspire ideas, inspire creative thinking, action and innovation.

The book has informed some of the postings on here and it has started to include some of the material on this blog.

It is a project that is constantly evolving. I am constantly editing it, re-thinking the content, deleting, re-wording, clarifying, ambiguating and disambiguating, classifying and de-classifying and re-sculpting.

In a way it is a snapshot of my ideas and my take on ideas by others as I understand them and re-understand them across brief moments in time.

One warning, the content is constantly undergoing HTML formatting, grammar fixes, spell-checks etc.

You may read this book at your leisure >>


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