The human being as a product. From nature vs. nurture to natures+nurturing systems


The either/or question in some of our fields that argue that individuals are either a product of their nature or their nurture may need re-thinking.

I’m sure there are millions out there that can understand that humans are products of ALL their natural environments and ALL their nurturing environment and nurturing systems.


I am a bicultural and sometimes a multicultural individual. I used this awareness to insert “Cultural system #1” and #2 in the diagram. In previous posts I posed the idea that we may actually have continuously changing (dynamic or flux) cultural systems that we draw on depending on context and purpose.

The image should be a lot more complex to show the entire correlation. This diagram is a rough concept meant to illustrate an idea that needs further exploration and further correlation.

Also the circles used here suggest borders between systems that may-be permeable, and sometimes non-existen


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