Simplicity Vs. Complexity (the either/or fallacy) and the re-introduction of simplexity.


Some people promote simplicity other promote complexity. Which one is right?


How can that be? aren’t these opposites? Yes, and no.

Simplicity is incomplete without complexity and vice-versa. These are both complimentary concepts that have for way too long been posed on the dialectical polar opposites. They may still be on the polar oposites but they need each other in order to stimulate change and innovation.

Almost all things become complex over time as they seek to address specialized needs. Things become complex because we understand them differently, because we develop complex goals, because we develop continuously complex skills and needs. Needs evolve and complicate and products seek to continue to fulfill the growing needs within the same interface – this, I propose may be the phenomenon we need to address.

Products that focus on the basic goals and functions can maintain simple interface. Products that seek to address ever-complex specialized need to grow into specialized product versions or specialized interfaces.

We forget this and every once in a while we enter a time when we realize that things are too complex and we shift over to focus on simplicity, on the unification of goals and directions, on re-understanding, and re-thinking, on facilitating success.

We continue on these cycles of complexity and simplicity. In the past I proposed the word “Simplexity” to point towards the congruence and integration of these two concepts.

Another relevant factor here is the factor of sub-divided speciality.

Bare with me for a second, think of products as organisms, they may seek-sub-division in order to innovate, adapt and optimize the use of their energies.

So, yes, products complicate to the point where they must sub-divide and specialize and become sub-product lines serving niche markets and micro-niche markets.

I pose that this is another point where the problem lies. (specially as we enter multicultural markets).

-Daniel Montano

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