The Long-tail of TV ? TV subdivision. Green TV. Real heroes. Real survivors?


I want my greenTV

Television needs to sub-divide in order to survive. Today there are many micro-niches that are not served within the spectrum of regular TV.

Contemporary TV seems to be operating under the “big concept” “mass appeal” ideal of the 1950’s. It’s almost like there is a bit of though model rot going in in there. (see Hollywood and TV struggling as an example)

One big niche not being served is the progressive, socially conscious audience.

Where are the channels focusing on social issues, social accomplishments, social challenges and social heroes? Why don’t we have survival shows within the context of actual social issues and challenges? (this could be done within the frameworks of socially conscious investing, banking, etc)

Where are the TV channels providing educational content? (this can be done within the framework of university support, endowments, foundations, etc)

Where are the TV channels focusing on multicultural competence ? (this could be done within the framework of travel, leisure, global accommodations markets)

Are we assuming that no one will watch quality TV programming? Are we assuming that no one will advertise on a “Green” or Ecological channel?

How about a channel that focuses on the integration of socio-cultural, socio-ecological topics?

The days of centralized mass media may be gone. Today attention is sub-divided and focused within nitches. We need channels that focus both on the narrow sub-divisions and on the integration of the sub-divisions. We need hybridity.

I would like to propose that one of the reasons TV is dying is because it became homogenous in culture, ideology and in thought models. It was designed with the either/or mentality that poses business interests against humane and socio-ecological interests. This is not necessarily true. One may need to lead the other but it is possible that these two interests can “dance” together.

One big hint: The interests of the ecological (planet’s) survival, and the interests of human survival will always lead in the long-run.

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