The “big bang” cycles of human intelligence. A model for the sustainability of human intelligence


Optimal human intelligence may depend on cycles that may look like this:

  • acquiring multi-disciplinary information (convergence of multiple intelligences)
  • gaining insights that fuel further inquiry, curiousity, idealism (charging energy)
  • subdividing, information and intelligences, some become specialized (this may be known as the complexity stage) (Fibonacci’s multiplication of intelligence?)
  • and then integrating it, mixing specalized intelligences with generalist intelligences, unifying it, simplifying it (the integration or convergence of multiple intelligences)
  • gaining another insight which generates another cycle

The goal is the same as Descartes spiral in the seashell, and Fibonacci’s multiplication – to seek infinite expansion.

This is why I have been proposing that our intelligence is potentially infinite the only limitations are our current man-designed systems that limit how we think.


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