The cycles of humane development.


Summary: This is a proposal to raise awareness at the idea that some of our cultures may be trapped in endless loops of stunted humane development. The causes and the network of responsibility may be groups of diffused entities. In other words, we (our previous and current generations) and our systems may hold responsibility for our lack of progress in the humane spectrum.

I came to this realization a while back while reading about Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization pyramid. I began to think that it was a bit unfinished. It was missing the “larger self” – “We, all, us, our planet, our universe”.

I began to think of this diagram as a convergent diagram that was missing its divergent counterpart on the top (an inverted pyramid).

An early version of the diagram

Figure: This is my earliest conceptualization of the “Macro System Awareness Phase”. Here I am proposing that Maslow’s Self-Actualization may be expanded to include our larger “self” the planet, nature, our environment, etc. (excuse the large orange letters, I’ll look for a clean version later).

I began to draw an inverted pyramid that on top of maslow’s pyramid to symbolize the Empathy Transcendence: from self-realization to the re-cognition of the larger “self”.

It has slowly sub-divided into a few diagrams: one of them is this one which places the self as the “attractor” from which the others grow and span. The diagram suggests cycles that go from self-recharging to sharing of human energies with others. The human energies listed here include, attention, respect, honesty, empathy, caring, love, sacrifice etc.

Figure: This diagram shows types of human energies and how we distribute them in ever-expanding cycles that encompass and share more complex human energies. I’m sure someone else can think of more rings to add here and there may be several different configurations of the rings. The important thing is to realize that we eat and absorb our natural environments and then we transform these energies into human energies that we use to fertilize our selves, our cultures and our societies and in some ways our planet and our universe. In other words we are part of a large and complex energy / intelligence recycling system.

This is a working diagram that I used when considering our concept of “home”. Looking at it now it could use more outer rings like “planet” and “universe”.


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