Interdisciplinary education


Last weekend I found a book called: Literacy in Science Technology, and the Language Arts. An Interdisciplinary Inquiry. By Mary Hamm and Dennis Adams.

This book is aimed at teachers, it proposes ways to encourage multidisciplinary thinking. While it’s aimed at middle-school and elementary school teachers, it is worth a look.

From the preface of the book:

The National Council of Science an Technology Education identities a scientifically literate person as one who does the following:
1. Recognizes the diversity and unity of the natural world.
2. understands the important concepts and principles of sciencce.
3. is aware of the ways that science, technology, language, and other core subjecs depend on each other.
4. Knows that science and technology are human endeavors and recognizes that this implies about their strengths and weaknesses.
5. Has a capacity of scientific ways of thinking.
6. Makes use of scientific knowledge and ways of thinking in personal ansd social interactions (American Association fo the Advancement of Science, 1990.)



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