The need for independent humane scientific organizations


People in general may be in need of a humanistic, independent scientific body to research and provide information about complex human problems.[end summary]

In some cultures when someone encounters a dangerous enemy through their walks in life they often come back to explain how to avoid and fight the enemy. These individuals become teachers to the larger population.

Cancer patients are fighting an enemy. We need to hear from these individuals. We need them to use multispective analysis to gather possible causes for their illness. We need to ask:
– where they lived
– what they ate
– where they worked
– We need to learn their systems and about the systems they participated in

These character dossiers need to be available for systems thinkers to study and find patterns.

Why do we need to do this?
We need to gather and publish information because sometimes science follows people.

We need to do this because today conducting scientific studies is a very expensive endeavor. This means that people can’t afford to conduct their own independent scientific studies. We depend on wealthy corporations and large organizations to conduct these experiments.

Until we learn how to merge the interests of corporations and the honest, best interests of people we will need an independent scientific body to experiment, gather and interpret humanistic information without corporate biases or other hidden agendas.

Today I don’t think we have such a scientific body. We have organizations like doctors without borders but their role is focused on crisis management.


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