The Rosetta Project. An archive of all human languages.


The Rosetta Project aims to document and archive all human languages. Visit this project’s website >>

I believe that one way to accelerate human intelligence is to document and teach ourselves different ways to interpret, perceive and understand information.

Language is one of our information interfaces. Through language we perceive, interpret and understand information. Some human languages are made up of words. Each word is a “thought model” and each thought model may be a way to think differently.

So, learning languages, learning how different languages create meaning and organize thought may help us, to interpret, perceive, understand and think in new ways.

Wikipedia: “Language” >>

“Ethnologue lists about 7,330 main languages in its language name index (see the external link) and distinguishes about 39,491 alternate language names and dialects. However, in this article, only a few are given.” Read more on wikipedia: “List of Languages” >>


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