Lacan, ecosystems and our integral identity.


There are a few relationships betwen psychologist Jacques Lacan’s theories and the theories of biological integrity.One of the most interesting overlaps is his thesis on paranoia and the construction of our ego identity “outside” of ourselves [This concept may be related to theories that our environments are part of us and we are part of our environments].

He writes about the “fragmentation” of the “real body” [this may be related to our interconnected natural ecosystems “body”].

He writes…”the truth of the ego emerges in madness where the world seems to dissolve and the difference between self and other is radically put into question”. [Once again, this may correlated to theories of integrated human + nature system of identities.]

How many minutes can we survive without the air in our environments?

How long can we survive without the water, and fuels in our environments?My interconnectedness and dependence in the ecosystems is obvious.

Science is leading the way for the public at large to realize our “integral identity” without the need to undergo pathology of “madness” as Lacan once theorized.

Thanks to complex modern computers gathering millions of measurements and correlations. We may soon begin to realize that when we harm the environment we harm ourselves.

What was once considered to require madness simply required a new way of thinking and understanding the world.

Dynamic vocabulary:

Integral identity: a term proposed to identify an understanding that humans are dependent on their natural environments and the elements that exist in and compose our natural environments.

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