The music of forms


In a previous blog I featured the work of Alex Dragulescu’s “Spam architecture”. Dragulescu used algorithms to translate spam email content into 3-dimensional forms that resembled architecture.

Dragulescu also used a similar algorithm to translate music into a 3-D forms.

His work has opened up our understanding of the relationship between forms. Music becomes architecture, writing becomes 3-D forms. But we should also remember that the reverse is possible:
– forms may become sounds or music
– forms may become text

This opens up our imagination to wonder what is the musical equivalent of the forms around us?

What is your musical identity? (how do you sound as a piece of music?)

What does a city sound like as music? A mountain? A human gesture? A tree?

and perhaps most importantly: What other forms may be translated into other forms? Does this open up the world to forms of communication we never thought were possible?

Dragulescu’s website >>


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