Time magazine acknowledges the need for interdisciplinary education


“Kids need to learn how to leap across disciplines because that is how breakthroughs now come about. It is interdisciplinary combinations – Design and Technology, mathematics and art – That produce…” [great innovations].

“Thinking outside of the box. Jobs in the new economy – the ones that won’t get outsourced or automated- “put an enormous premium on creative and innovative skills, seeing patterns where other people see only chaos,” – Marc Tucker. Author of the skills-commission report and president of the National Center on Education and the Economy.

The usability of information is finally addressed?

“…[other countries]…have extremely small textbooks that focus on the most powerful and generative ideas…” – These might be the key theorems in math, the laws of thermodynamics in scince or the relationship between supply and demand in economics. America’s bloated textbooks by contrast tend to gallop through a mind-numbing stream of topics and subtopics…”

“Depth over breadth adn the ability to leap across disciplines are…what teachers aim for..”

The future of world-wide education may be online?

“it made me wonder why there isn’t a website where I can just go an have anything I want to learn, K-12, online browser based and free.” – Scott McNealy, Chairman of Sun Microsystems.

Wallis, Claudia and Sonja Steptoe. “How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century. Time Magazine. December 18th, 2006. Read this article on the Time.com website >>

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