The narcissistic universe and the universal mirror


Our universe and all natural living things came to have life over time. They came to have life thanks to the availability of energy, fuels, electricity, radiation, heat, sunlight etc. Living things shifted form over time. We became organisms. We became animals. We became humans.

But in some way, we are all created from the same matter – the DNA found on this planet and this universe. Because of this common connection we are all, in a way evolutions of our planet and our universe. We are all “multiple identities” “multiple images” or “versions” of the planet and the universe organism.

This notion brings forward a physicality to Lacan’s thesis of the image and of his notion of the “mirror”. The connection of our scientific understanding of the universe, evolution and integral identity may be, in a way, the “largest” notion of Lacan’s mirror. This may be the ultimate identification of the human with the “outside” image. This may be the largest conceptualization of our idea of the “self”. This may be the largest “me+we”.

But rather than understanding this “universal mirror” as a “crutch” for the human psyche we may want to understand this event as one of the “natural” psychological evolutions of the human.

We may also understand it as the integration of our scientific discoveries. Today we have notions of the “butterfly effect”, chaos theory, systems thinking, cybernetics and other multi-disciplinary notions that may simply point towards a new level of holistic awareness of our humanity and our relationship with our ecosystems.

Our universe and our planet may be regarded as a narcissistic organism that loves to replicate itself to try out many “outfits” many bodies, many voices, many talents. Roland Barthes would probably call this “the ultimate fashion system”.

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