Zaha Hadid


Daniel montano, Dan montano
Can we possibly imagine a combination of Zaha Hadid’s futuristic architecture with the smart eco-friendliness of Ken Yeang’s “green” architecture?

How would a eco-smart version of a Zaha Hadid building look like?

Can we make sustainable buildings that tap into leading architecture styles?

Zaha Hadid building



Green skyscraper by Ken Yeang


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5 thoughts on “Zaha Hadid

  1. dihsa

    architect like zaha should inspire next generation architects to design sustainable buildings in terms of energy consumption that will also inspire the construction industry to invest on resurch for sustainabality. i am a fan of zaha architecture. she is really exception in her field.

  2. Justin

    technically, sustainable development is impposible (in terms of anything including energy consuption) but the design of Zaha is beutiful and inspired in her innovative shape of buildings

    • I’m going to assume that you’re referring to the “energy cannot be created nor destroyed” (energy conservation law). If that’s the case – this law has a huge caveat – it’s a law that applies to “isolated systems”. Personally, I am skeptical that we live in an isolated system. I am also skeptical that the universe itself may be an isolated system.

  3. darani

    hey i was interested in the same in have both formal expression and sustainable design bundled in one.tnx for the pavilion link kru-r thr ne buildings out thr by deconstructionist architects tht have succeeded in that?as in have crazy geometry/expressive forms while being sustainable?the pavilion is ‘sustainable’ only in the sense that its materials are recyclable,but are thr bdgs tht have such forms n have like passive forms of cooling,heating,sunshading systems,low energy embodied materials,etc?

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