Interactive architecture and ecological dashboards?


One of my top favorite blogs is Interactive Architecture dot Org.  I think this blog shows us the future of interaction and hints towards the full integration of computers into our environments.

From the blog:

“Interactive Architecture dot Org is a weblog about the emerging practice within architecture that aims to merge the digital virtual with tangible and physical spatial experience. Instead of defining a fixed architectural product it is an architecture in constant flux best suited to prototyping and semi-perminant installations.”

I would like to see more interactions that integrate socio-ecological concepts, sustainability concepts, ecological feedback and other types of “tools” integrated into our environments that provide us feedback on how our actions and behaviors affect our ecosystems.

When we wake up in the morning we provide maintenance to our bodies and we check  our “health” in the mirror. We should be able to have dynamic information fed into our environments that allow us to have digestable information about the health of our planet and perhaps even provide contextual information on how we may adjust our behavior to improve the situation.

Think of it as an “ecological dashboard”.


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