Studies link living near highways and lung asthma risks


“Los Angeles, Jan. 25, 2007 – Children who live near a major highway are not only more likely to develop asthma or other respiratory diseases, but their lung development may also be stunted.

According to a study that will appear in the February 17 issue of The Lancet and now available online, researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) found that children who lived within 500 meters of a freeway, or approximately a third of a mile, since age 10 had substantial deficits in lung function by the age of 18 years, compared to children living at least 1500 meters, or approximately one mile, away.” Read more from the University of Southern California >>

An earlier study linked linked living near a highway to higher risks of asthma:

“The study found that children living within 75 meters (about 82 yards) of a major road had a 50 percent greater risk of exhibiting asthma symptoms in the past year than were children who lived more than 300 meters (about 328 yards) away.”

Read more from the University of Southern California >>

We must understand how the solution to this problem is not only moving away from the highway nor setting new housing standards. If we continue like this, the 300 meters of real state that must be condemmed will eventually stretch out to cover a larger and larger area.

Spanish language version:

Se ha comprobado que vivir cerca de una carretera o autopista sube el riesgo de tener problemas con los pulmones y el asthma. Scientificos en universidad de el sur de california (USC), has comprobado con estudios los riesgos. Por ejemplo, niños que viven 75 metros de una autopista mantienen 50% mas riesgo de sufrir de asthma. Esos que viven solo unos 500 metros tambien mantienen un riesgo de sufrir falta del desarrollo del pulmon.

El problema se tiene que entender que no solo es vivir en proximidad de estas carreteras si no es la realidad de que necesitamos vias de transporte que sean mucho mas effectivas para el publico comun.


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