Successful user experience is the new advertising


BusinessWeek’s Nussbaum posted his favorite quote of the week:

“Design is the new advertising. The agencies should fold, they’re out of line and out of touch. The only advertising that works is about product that you’re drawn to any way.” Marc Gobe – Author of BrandJam: Humanizing Brands Through Emotional Design.

Is advertising suffering a bit because advertising agencies don’t challenge their customers to re-think their products? Is this out of their purpose?

Perhaps ad agencies unfairly end up suffering the short-comings of their clients? (When they are handed products that could be better).

Who’s responsibility is it to insure better products? I believe we all share this responsibility. Everyone from the CEO to the service reps should be aware of the importance of customer/user experience.

How important is this?

  1. The future of advertising agencies may depend on this change.
  2. Websites and other media depending on ad revenues may be depending on this.

User experience, user-centered empathy may be turning out to be more important than we had anticipated. It’s successful implementation within pro-user ethics may be an important factor towards the survival of businesses and industries.

How have you contributed to the improvement of your user’s experience today?

Also consider: Business requirements, business models…this is where most considerations start. A business cannot survive without successful products. A successful product is designed from the business model on down.

Nussbaum’s BusinessWeek blog >>

Marc Gobe interview on brandnoise >>

Independent bookstores that may carry Gobe’s books:

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