Merging art and urban design? Environmental Art and greenways


Cities and other living environments are systems that are designed and in some cases they’re improved over time.

Through the integration of science, art and socio-ecological knowledge we may create new opportunities for us to design cities that are easy to use, are healthy and promote positive social and cultural development.

In other words, today we have the opportunity to merge Earthworks, Land Art, Eco-Art, science, greenways, pollution-reduction tactics and other system variables to come to solutions.

The result of mergin these ideologies could result in solutions like greenways that may become tourist attractions as they merge the work of artists. On a wider scale we may understand how this collaboration may ease traffic on major traffic arteries or they may result on provision of commuting options, cleaner air, human health and the improvement of world ecological concerns like climate change / global warming.

Green arts:

“…this ection of books, journals, and links is meant to aid research in contemporary environmental art and theory (20th century to the present). The resources within include influential or core readings as deemed important by Green Arts Web authors, collaborators and/or other viable or scholarly resources.”

Washington State University:

Environmental art and visual culture >>

University of Art and Design Helsinki

Masters Degree program in Environmental Arts >>

This online non-profit museum launched in 2001, has established itself as a leading source for information about this global art movement, which includes eco-art (or ecological art)

“More than a museum, we see as a giant collaborative art making tool.”


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