Can the U.S. compete with education?


Americans are the designers of their nation system. How our country will compete on a global market is one of our design and innovation challenges today.Locally in the U.S. one of the biggest issues for employers is finding employees with graduate level education in the sciences and technology.

How does the U.S. compare in a global market?


“Every student in China has to pay tuition fees, which is about $280 per year. More and more private universities have been established in China. Their tuition fees are more expensive than public universities, which are reported about $720 per year. In Turkey, the tuition fees are free in public universities while private universities charge tuition fees about $300 per year. Source >>

China’s population: 1.3 billion (2006)


1 year of university= $2,000 U.S.D. Source >>

India’s population: 1.1 billion (2006)


Tuition for one year of university= $4,500 -$45,000 U.S.D.

U.S. population= 298 million

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