Multispective thinking (a diagram)


(image is missing – will fix this soon)

I drew this diagram last year. It’s very outdated for me now. It has quite a bit of room for improvement. Nevertheless it may be helpful to gain some understanding of the concept.

The circular symbols are meant to signify “lenses” that organize perspectives. These perspectives are eventually sub-divided into smaller sub-frameworks. Imagine that these lenses are in motion: they rotate, they expand wider and they contract. They assume skewed angles leading to distortions and changes. They overlap other lenses to create complex hybrid perspectives.

The rectangular windows signify “frameworks” such as culture. They may be imagined, like the lenses in constant change.
The entire diagram should be imagined as a process in continuous movement. Imagine it in 3-dimensional motion with the viewer walking around the concept from every single imaginable perspective.

As you may imagine, one person using this method may identify different types and levels of meaning. We may expect that a number of people collaborating and using this thinking process (as in a brainstorm) may multiply the perception of meaning to an even higher degree.

An update to this diagram may include references to the Thought model architecture diagrams in a couple of my previous blogs.

NOTE: most diagrams are reductive generalizations that assume that the whole is simply the sum of the parts. This may not be the case. For every diagram in this blog you may want to imagine the element of emergence and change resulting from change in the multi-interaction of system dynamics. This diagram seeks to help us understand the flux dynamic of the multispective network and meaning network. It is not exhaustive (and it could never be so because we all use our minds differently and because of the element of continuous change). Multispective thinking is just one way of thinking, a methodology, philosophy, mental model, thought model, a process. This is one representation of how it may be structured. Since multispective thinking is a flux dynamic process that depends on continuous iteration of questions, scenario building, perspective change, multi-correlational relationships and the inclusion of other thought models the process may be impossible to graph or explain thoroughly. This diagram attempts to do the impossible. It attempts to freeze” a continuously changing, flux dynamic process to explain it – any attemps to do this may only lead to gross generalizations.

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