Co-maturing with innovation by raising our innovation consciousness.


BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum reported on an innovation “backlash” he has noticed. I think that these backlashes are usually caused by lack of education about innovation.

The term “Innovation” is a very broad, and generalized term that can mean almost anything.

Humanity has been innovating for more than 5,000 years. There are many innovation types, approaches, methods and if we want to continue innovating we need to co-mature with the innovation disciplines.

Perhaps the best way to continue learning about innovation is to always have a question in the back of your head: What is innovative about this within this context? why?

Before you get frustrated with your innovation effort ask yourself the questions:

  1. why are you innovating (goals)
  2. what are you innovating?
  3. when are you innovating??
    1. how were you innovating?

    Learning about innovation:

    Geoffrey Moore wrote a great book that focuses on types o innovation. It’s called Dealing with Darwin. He also writes a blog on innovation >>

    Moore also put together Darwin’s Dictionary, which is a must read >>


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