Sociocybernetics: how social systems mature.


Sociocybernetics aims to generate a general theoretical framework for understanding cooperative behavior.
The…basic Law of SocioCybernetics: All living systems go through five levels of interrelations (social contracts) of its subsystems:

A. Aggression: survive or die
B. Bureaucracy: follow the norms and rules or woodoo death
C. Competition: my gain is your loss
D. Decision: disclosing individual intentions [transparency]
E. Empathy: cooperation in unified interests

(paraphrased from Wikipedia, term “sociocybernetics“)

This concept seems to show some of the wisdoms that have been part of a good number of our ancient cultures throughout time. A good number of ancient cultures were based on systems thinking. The belief that everything was connected. The belief that animals had a soul promoted care for animals. The belief that nature had a soul promoted care and respect for nature. The belief that you could “anger the god of rain” promoted the consciousness of your acts in nature. Systems thinking across cultures was present through metaphors in religion, legends, mythology, stories, etc.

Empathy was widely recognized as the formula for survival.

The (A-E) pattern described above also seems to mirror the pattern of the human individual through a life time –from our aggressive teens to our empathy in our mature age.

Today the challenge may be to understand that we are in a completely interrelated world. Systems thinking may be the key ingredient needed to raise our consciousness and guide our world into maturity.


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