Beyond Maslow’s hierarchy of (individual) needs


This diagram tries to show cycles of attention, from the individual to the macro-systems in which the individual exists. This diagram is a suggestion and it may be drawn differently in societies that are group-centered rather than individual-centered. The same idea applies to those groups that are family-centered or couple-centered. An individual and a society may hold changing “centers” across time.

Dynamic Center (focus) 

Perhaps more interestingly, this center may be dynamic and may change, frequently depending on many factors and variables. (this may also be the part of the cause for dissonance at many human and social levels).

Innovations that help us meet the goals of Maslow’s pyramid are important but they can be magnified in value when we integrate them with the value contained at each level of the macro-systems.

While there may be many changing centers the most stable are the high-level goals of the macrosystem. These may be: the survival and healthy development of our ecosystems and humanity. This may point us back to the need for the re-alignment of our man-designed systems with ecological interests and social causes that promote the development of human potential while in alignment with the best interstes of our planet.

How does your product or service deliver value across each of these levels?
Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


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