Some systems thinking links and resources


The Well. Fundamentals of Systems Thinking
Diagrams and explanations and links at this location. (The diagram above is from this website).

The Special Libraries Association. Has a short definition of systems thinking.

Center for Ecological Literacy has one of the most accessible introductions to systems thinking.

Margaret J. Wheatley. Writer and lecturer and systems thinker. Founding member of the Merkana Institute.

Applied systems thinking, an academic paper by Curt McNamara.

Systems thinking in Wikipedia

Ecology of being
Peter White uses video, motion graphics and illustrations to teach his understanding of systems thinking.

The Ackoff Center blog Has links to articles that were not available on the web until recently. The center’s website has a number of interestring links. While I haven’t had the chance to read this book by Ackoff it sounds interesting, the title is Idealized design.

Free management library Has some introductory material on systems thinking.

Systems thinking. Has materials labeled “introduction to systems thinking”

Mental model musings. A graphical introduction to systems thinking.

Pegasus communications. Has some clear and accessible content about systems thinking.

Penn State College of Education has an excellent resource here.

A short mention of Whole Systems Thinking from a green design book.

BBC Open University – a short into into systems thinking and problem-solving

System thinking search results on squidoo

Humane Systems Design (a growing group of multidisciplinary links)

[I will add more links to this posting over time]

Highly Recommended:

Wikipedia’s Portal “Thinking” >>

Related in this blog:

The bipolar culture (how either/or logic is used to limit our thought and a diagram of fractal logic networks)

200+ types of human intelligence >>

Fractal logic >>

How to think like Einstein >>

An open thought system? (diagram) >>

Synectics >>

Horizontal and Vertical thinking >>
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  1. Hi, very good website on this niche. I found it on Google. I will surely save it and come back to read it. If you accept a little bit of critique – it needs some iPhone 4S work on the lookpart 🙂

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