“What investment offers a risk-free 400 per cent annual return? It’s not a fashionable hedge fund or an exotic credit derivative. It’s a light bulb. Replacing one ordinary, incandescent light bulb, that is used for about three hours per day, for a low-energy, compact fluorescent one costs a few quid up front but it will save electricity worth about £50 over its lifetime.” (More >>

“The United States represents 5% of the world’s population, but uses 25% of the world’s energy.

On a per person basis, Americans use approximately twice as much energy as the Germans and British, three times as much energy as the Japanese, and as much as 50 times as much energy as people in some developing countries.

Whenever we use energy, unintended environmental and social consequences occur. This includes air pollution, smog, respiratory illness, acid rain, global warming from burning fossil fuels, water pollution from oil spills, radioactive waste production from nuclear power plants, and the destruction of land from coal mining (open pit and mountain top removal) and oil or gas drilling.” (More >>

Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


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