Advanced math in architecture


“Intricate decorative tilework found in medieval architecture across the Islamic world appears to exhibit advanced decagonal quasicrystal geometry – a concept discovered by Western mathematicians and physicists only in the 1970s and 1980s. If so, medieval Islamic application of this geometry would predate Western mastery by at least half a millennium.”


Harvard University Gazette: “Medieval Islamic architecture presages 20th century mathematics” >>

The New York Times >

Related On the Web:

Yale University: Fractal Architecture

“Mathematicians team up with supercomputer to crack 248-dimensional object” >> 

Also: I forget the title right now but mathematician Mandelbrot (spelling), wrote a book covering fractal patterns in ancient architecture.

Related: I haven’t confirmed this through literature about it but I have seen architectural models of the “Tower of Babel” and it seems to show fractal patterns. The design for it was made by an architect, mathematician, cosmologist…(a polymath)…


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