Book: “Massive Change”


Quoting from Wikipedia:

“Massive Change is an exhibition and book by designer Bruce Mau and the Institute without Boundaries. The exhibition, which was commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery, looks at how design can be used as a methodology to address the problems inherent our social, economic and political systems. The exhibit looks at the implementation of new ideas and technologies to address issues like environmental sustainability and poverty.”

In a manifesto-like manner the book declares the following goals:

  • We will create urban shelter for the entire world
  • We will enable sustainable mobility
  • We will bring energy to the entire world
  • We will build a global mind
  • We will make visible the as yet invisible
  • We will seemlessly integrate all supply and demand around the world
  • We will build intelligence into materials and liberate form from matter
  • We will shift from the service of war to the service of life
  • We will eliminate the need for new materials and banish all waste
  • We will design evolution
  • We will eradicate poverty


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Daniel Montano
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