Evolutionary psychology: Its programs, prospects, and pitfalls


Evolutionary psychology: Its programs, prospects, and pitfalls
ANDREW NEHER — Cabrillo College Abstract:

“The emerging specialty of evolutionary psychology presents a challenge to mainstream psychology. It proposes that cognitive, not just more fundamental, traits in humans are grounded in dedicated evolutionary programs. Specifically, it maintains that the common assumption in psychology—that the complexities of our psyches have been largely freed from evolutionary constraints and are instead based in a general learning capacity—is mistaken. The major premises of evolutionary psychology are examined in light of arguments and evidence presented by both supporters and detractors. Although some of these premises are well grounded, others are questionable and limit the development of the specialty and its integration into mainstream psychology.”


American Journal of Psychology. http://ajp.press.uiuc.edu/119/4/neher.html

Daniel Montano
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