Sustainable Design Manifesto


I am summarizing here the top level points made by Allan Chochinov in his 1000 word manifesto for sustainable design:

  1. Hippocratic Before Socratic
  2. Stop Making Crap
  3. Systems Before Artifacts
  4. Teach Sustainability Early
  5. Screws Better Than Glues
  6. Design for Impermanence
  7. Balance Before Talents
  8. Metrics Before Magic
  9. Climates Before Primates
  10. Context Before Absolutely Everything

Visit the Source to Read More:
“1000 Word Manifesto for Sustainability in Design” – By Allan Chochinov (Core77)

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Daniel Montano
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One thought on “Sustainable Design Manifesto

  1. Paulina

    Sustainability should not only apply into design, but to everything in this world. This is not our world, it’s just the place we live in, and we have a huge responsibility to it, for us, but most of all for future generations. Let’s make it a better place for the world itself and for our children.

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