Are you trained to see by your discipline?


two images side by side comparing the way a psychologist and an artist views an image (repectively from left to right).

How we visually scan images seems to be somewhat related to the disciplinary training we have; or at least that’s what we learn from a blog posting on Cognitive Daily. In this blog post they compare how an artist and a psychologist scans an image.

If this is indeed the case this may present some support for transdiciplinary learning/teaching theories.

What is Transdisciplinarity? (from Wikipedia)

A transdisciplinary approach dissolves boundaries between disciplines. Transdisciplinarity becomes necessary when the concept or method cannot be understood from within a single discipline and requires the input of many disciplines to be understood. An example is the field research method called ethnography, which was originally developed in anthropology but is now more fully understood with insights from psychology, philosophy, sociology, and other disciplines.

Cognitive Daily: “Artists Look Different” >>

Wikipedia: Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, Crossdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary >>
Daniel Montano
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