User experience design and social systems


Sometimes it seems that we place more value and investment in the design of our consumer products than the design of our social systems.

Non-profit organizations, our educational system, and government departments in general would benefit from rethinking their systems through the user experience design lens.

Points to keep in mind:
– ask people what they need and want
– have the users of the systems participate in the design input of the system
– test the designs (get user feedback) and re-design the system until something works well for people
– use empathy (listening) to interview and understand the users
– usability is important (ease of use)
– accessibility is important (physical accessibility, economic accessibility, understandability)
– the system should be designed for the purpose of serving the users

Moving towards Sustainable Societies
User experience design helps us design systems that are sustainable for use by people. It may helps us move towards sustainable social-ecologies.

To make your system sustainable on a wider scale we may need to combine user experience design with sustainable design.

We have been short-changing ourselves too long. We need to end the disconnect. We need to recognize both our natural environmental needs and our social-ecological needs for the emergence of sustainable societies.

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