The Secret of Apple Design


MIT’s Technology Review has an interesting article outlining how Apple built a successful relationship with design.

I found this on Donald Norman’s blog. He is one of the featured design voices in the article.

Don Norman writes on his blog:

“Dan Turner has written a very informative article about Apple Computer’s design process in Technology Review. He couldn’t get access to anyone now at Apple, so he interviewed a number of former Apple people. Yes, I’m in there as well.

The article does an excellent job of showing that good process is useful, but a strong leader, with good taste , an excellent eye for detail, and the strength to lead a team to focused, cohesive design makes all the difference between good design and great design.”

MIT Technology Review: “The Secret of Apple Design. The inside (sort of) story of why Apple’s industrial-design machine has been so successful.” >>

Don Norman’s >>

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Donald Norman >>
Daniel Montano
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