User interface based on chaos and emergence concepts


I found this interesting Flash interface based on a concept of chaos, static order and emergent dynamic order. Skinned over the concept of a type of emergence between chaos and order. the words used there are science and culture.

Visit the site and check out the interface. It’s worth a look >>

Related rant:
In this conceptual UI, culture seems to be equated with chaos (as disorder) – I’m inclined to disagree if it’s meant as complete disorder.

Culture is a dynamic system that may show various degrees of deterministic patterns (order) and patterns that may be perceived as random (chaos).

Culture has religion, rituals, beliefs, value perception, value exchange, music, symbols, myths, literature, arts, communication patterns, fashion, politics, laws, government…etc It’s an elaborate system with rules of thought and behavior – thus it has deterministic elements – it has degrees of order.

It also has what may be perceived as random qualities, but these may include creativity, adaptations, reform, innovation etc. These items may not be as random as we think – they may be signs of a dynamic and living culture adapting and changing over time. In other words, culture and its emergent order in process.

Over time – what once seemed like chaos may show a pattern. In culture it may be the adoption of cultural hybridity, a small trend, a movement, a new cultural branch or an emerging sub-culture among many other possibilities.

Visual Complexity >>
Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


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