Cognitive Ability Mostly Developed Before Adolescence


“A large study of normal, healthy children finds that during elementary school years, kids steadily improve on tasks of cognitive and motor function; but this progress levels off at around age 11 or 12, just prior to adolescence.”

A link between poverty and cognitive development ?

“Although the difference was slight, high-income children outperformed their less wealthy peers on both IQ tests and an exam designed to replicate achievement in various academic subjects. Lower income kids performed at a lower level than others in reading comprehension and mathematical calculations but were competitive in basic cognition, memory and reading skills, indicating that poverty may affect development at the level where different abilities must be combined, such as verbal skills and memory, in the case of reading comprehension.”

Scientific American, May 18, 2007. “Cognitive Ability Mostly Developed Before Adolescence” >>
Daniel Montano
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