Cradle to cradle in design


Folks at Jungle8, a design company, are reading the “Cradle to Cradle” book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s and they have posted a list of highlight points.

# Ask more “why” questions. “Why is this project necessary?”,” Why are we doing it this way?” etc.
# Ask more “what if” questions.” What if we did this?”,” What if we minimized effort here and exerted more here?” etc.
# Ask more “how” questions. “How is this piece going to impact the world while in production and after? “,”How can I minimize these impacts?” etc.
# Minimize and simplify your design
# Design for cycles (reuse, re-manufacture)
# Design for durability not obsolescence

There’s more at Jungle 8’s website.

Consciousness starts with questions

I noticed the presence of questions. Questions are the basic units of thinking – the more questions we ask ourselves, (and the more honest we are when we answer ourselves) the more conscious we may become.

But why stop at products?

All business activities may benefit from undergoing rounds of sustainable thinking. This may include services, and other business activities.

And why stop at business?

Everyone in their daily life may apply (and benefit from) these ideas in their daily life. Of course we have to be a bit creative and find ways to adapt them in our lives. When millions of people start using sustainable thinking at their workplace and as a philosophy in their lives, we will start moving towards a sustainable society.


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