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There are only two kinds of people – those who generalize and those who don’t” – unknown

Someone once wrote that there are two kinds of bloggers, those that point to the blog postings on other blogs and those that author original content. Well, I am pointing to two other blogs that write original postings that I think deserve note.

Design Dialogues

Quoting from the Design Dialogues blog:

Data: What resources do we have?
Information: What do we know about?
Knowledge: What do we know hot to do with what we know?
Comprehension: Where do we have mastery? (is it worth doing?)
Understanding: How well do we understand our context, opportunities and possibilities?
Wisdom: Knowing what we should do? (what’s the best decision?)
Transcendence: What does this mean? (What’s the best contribution we can make?)[1]

I like how the terms are “defined” by the associated questions.

Perspectives in Public Health

Here are two links to posting that I recommend from this blog:

The ten most important lessons from physics” >>

Systems thinking and the emergence of new life” >>

The importance of social relationships” >>

[1] Blog: Design Dialogues, “Understanding meaning as awareness“, May 17, 2007.

Blog links
Design Dialogues >>
Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect

Perspectives in Public Health >>


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