Time factors


“With media technology becoming ever cheaper and easier to use, film and video are emerging as the dominant forms of contemporary art. While the original pioneers of video art are going gray, a new generation reared on camcorders and computers is at the helm, reinterpreting time and movement with techno-wizardry.” (from Artkrush)

Art sometimes takes on the form of a non-verbal form of philosophy and artists are once again invigorating the philosophical discussion of time through video and other multimedia.
As we slowly move towards using systems thinking and complex dynamic systems to understand our world it is natural to start thinking about time. Not only thinking about it but re-understanding different theories and concepts of time.

In physics, time is also recognized as ‘the fourth dimension’ complimenting the other three. The current discussion about time may raise awareness about our current, flat-dimensional language and communication tools.

Along with this round of awareness we may also have the option of recognizing and challenging our tendency to freeze dynamics and meaning into “thingness” rather than understanding dynamics as ongoing processes.


ArtKrush: “Time based art” >>
Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


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