Sustainable Art?


Quoting from WorldChanging (blog):

“Most of the time when we cover art on Worldchanging, we focus in particular on critical and activist art — work that the artist utilizes as a vehicle for cultural commentary and sometimes a call to action, art which is socially engaged and even participatory. Artwork that doesn’t do these things, in artspeak, might be called discursive — ambling around pointed issues, provoking dialogue, but ultimately yielding no useful result, as suggested in Victor Margolin’s opening essay. The obvious counterargument is that art by its very definition need not be useful; utility emerges from other creative fields like design and architecture and even landscaping and urban planning. But as social and environmental issues become more and more pervasive in cultural conversations, and sustainability becomes everyone’s concern, the lines between these fields start to blur — practitioners of “fine art” no longer stand isolated in a realm of reflection and suggestion, and specialists in other disciplines often undertake projects that gravitate towards and into the art world.”

WorldChanging: “Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art” >>

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