Hans Rosling at TED


Hans Rosling is one of those speakers that has acknowledged the need for a wider consciousness of data analysis.

In the TED video below Rosling shows how moving data allows us to see another type of pattern -the pattern of change across long ranges of time (but that’s not all) we can also correlate this change to other variables – in his case we can chart the change of countries, their economies, their infant mortality rates, and other social changes.

The video below has a few sequences in motion of how data can be animated to illustrate relationships over a period of observation. (sequence starts at the following playhead location 19:08)

BTW: I noticed that BMW has sponsored the videos at TED – I’m thankful for that but I have yet to see a hybrid vehicle by BMW or perhaps an electric vehicle to challenge Tesla Motors or Loremo’s off the charts vehicle.

Dear BMW execs: World class engineering today has a new requirement – it’s fuel efficiency (if you want to be one of the pack – even lame GM is catching on);

The requirement is revolutionary energy usage if you want to maintain your leading engineering legacy. Sponsoring TED is great but I’m probably not the only TED fan who will ask “Where’s the green vehicle?” Show us the green. (Send them a note about this yourself >

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