Scalable Transportation Solutions: Rail Systems


Clean fuel cars and electric cars are great. I think they are part of a solution system to the issues we face today with air pollution. But they will not do much to solve the issue of traffic jams, or automobile accidents. In order to improve our odds here we need the assistance of truly scalable transportation solutions such as rail systems. This is nothing new. European countries have enjoyed advanced rail systems for many years.

But in the U.S. and more specifically in Southern California we are facing the anti-innovative auto-industry along with the anti-innovative gasoline petroleum companies. This has lead to the stunted and immature rail system that we have today in large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles. If we benchmark the development of this rail system in Los Angeles to other cities the under-development of the L.A. subway system becomes clear.

One recent article in the Los Angeles times makes such comparisons between China’s Shanghai’s subway lines and the Los Angeles Metro subway lines (Shanghai’s is more evolved and developed and has left the L.A. system way behind – even the L.A. subway system was started first).

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