Aspirin a cure for loneliness?


The feeling of loneliness seems to be associated with inflamation, a weak immune system and your genes.

The study does not show which came first — the loneliness or the physical traits. But it does suggest there may be a way to help prevent the deadly effects of loneliness, said Steve Cole, a molecular biologist at the University of California Los Angeles who worked on the study.”What this study shows is that the biological impact of social isolation reaches down into some of our most basic internal processes — the activity of our genes,” Cole said.

…The findings suggest that the loneliest people had unhealthy levels of chronic inflammation, which has been associated with heart and artery disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other ills.

The next step is to see if this might be treated, Cole said. “This is a biological target for intervention,” he said. “Maybe we can give these people aspirin.”

Lonely? Watch your health | Health & Fitness | Reuters
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