Adaptive Coevolutionary Networks


Adaptive networks appear in many biological applications. They combine topological evolution of the network with dynamics in the network nodes. Recently, the dynamics of adaptive networks has been investigated in a number of parallel studies from different fields, ranging from genomics to game theory. Here we review these recent developments and show that they can be viewed from a unique angle. We demonstrate that all these studies are characterized by common themes, most prominently: complex dynamics and robust topological self-organization based on simple local rules.

[0709.1858] Adaptive Coevolutionary Networks — A Review

Tema de evolucion co-evolucionaria en aplicaciones biologicas. Cubre la combinacion evolucionaria y topologica de la red con dynamicas en las intercecciones de la red. Tema cubre la complejidad basada en la auto-organizacion basada en simple reglas.
Daniel Montano
Keyword: Daniel Montano, Dan Montano, user experience design, information architect


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