Multi-Equivalence? Space, Time, Matter and Energy


If you geek out long enough reading about cosmology and physics you may start noticing the possibility of a “multi-equivalence” in our universe.

Thanks to Einstein’s E=MC2 we have the notion of matter=energy. Thanks to Einstein we also have the notion of Time=Space. Once you have those pieces it’s hard to resist interchanging them:

  • Space=Matter? (space as another form of matter, more dispersed, energized, dissipated matter? aether?)
  • Matter=Time? (Matter cannot exist without time-change?)
  • Time=Energy? (time cannot exist without energy and energy cannot exist without time?)
  • Energy=Space? (energetic space, aether? Energy cannot exist without space?)

We have come up with different ways to understand “states” of matter and energy. We have classified and labeled each one of these states. Amidst the process we forgot the common, underlying relationship. (This would be like looking at water and not recognizing that it also has a liquid, solid and gas state. It’s water – in different form.)

If the theory of the big bang is true, then our universe may be the result of an explosion that is happening, (as we speak), in slow motion . (Each star in our universe may be like a cinder or a spark hurtling through space in slow motion.)

If the big bang theory is true, then the big bang explosion expanded (a bubble) of space. Everything within that bubble of space (our universe) is energy (in the form of gas from the explosion). Energetic matter exploded into pure energy and then it is (slowly) reverting back to matter and energy in different forms. Over time, we have come up with many different labels for the energy and matter that surrounds us. Wether we recognize energy as matter, electricity, space, or time is all partially up to us – it’s up to how we choose to interpret it.

I think this non-duality stuff is great. It underscores how we can understand everything from different perspectives and through different lenses. The single-perspective, and even the dual perspective way of thinking may be doomed to be considered part of our past. The new thinking may require us to understand the different “states” of things and concepts in our universe within the paradigm of cycles.

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3 thoughts on “Multi-Equivalence? Space, Time, Matter and Energy

  1. Very interesting stuff, personally. I, of course, read and muse about these sorts of things for entertainment, conscious of the invalidity of mine and other’s speculation.

    Also, one link you posted, had a comment in which someone claimed that the terms that one uses to describe the universe do not matter, and lead up to the same result. The implication that all of those nuance theories, such as String, etc, that seem to not imply anything different, are in and of themselves equal and equally valid/invalid.

    This ended up being longer than I intended, but here’s another musing: There is, of course, nameless research being done in terms of natural law, so one may expect to reach conclusions eventually. What then? The scientists pack up and go home, with our capitalistic economy leaving them homeless? Not likely. Think up a few new particles to research? Sure. It doesn’t even have to be that explicit… it would simply be a bias towards that result. (Because, you know, if I realize this, they realize this)

    PS. There also seems to be a positive correlation between interest in these sorts of things, and working with computers. Huh.

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