World moves into the ecological red


LONDON (Reuters) – The world moved into “ecological overdraft” on Saturday, the point at which human consumption exceeds the ability of the earth to sustain it in any year and goes into the red, the New Economics Foundation think-tank said.Ecological Debt Day this year is three days earlier than in 2006 which itself was three days earlier than in 2005. NEF said the date had moved steadily backwards every year since humanity began living beyond its environmental means in the 1980s.

World moves into the ecological red | Science | Reuters
Daniel Montano
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3 thoughts on “World moves into the ecological red

  1. Thanks for the comment. I was unaware of the UK situation. I visited your blog and found it interesting. My only comment on it right now is that there are many different ways of defining “wealth” – a clean environment is a form of wealth, health is a form of wealth…etc.

  2. This is true, and I guess part of what we want to do is re-define wealth a little. At the moment we only count economic progress when assessing development, through very misleading indicators like GNP. The New Economics Foundation you quote here have proposed a rather different way of measuring progress based on life expectancy and ecological footprint. They call it the happy planet index, and it’s about how well people live with the resources they use.
    Interesting to find your blog too – it really is transdisciplinary!

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