The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease



“In its groundbreaking study, “An Unhealthy America: The Economic Impact of Chronic Disease,” the Milken Institute details the enormous financial impact of chronic disease on the U.S. economy – not only in treatment costs, but lost worker productivity – today and in the decades ahead. It also describes the huge savings if a serious effort were made to improve Americans’ health. Click on any of the links on this page to view the data by that category.

This study brings to light for the first time what is often overlooked in the discussion of the impact of chronic disease – the economic loss associated with preventable illness and the cost to the nation’s GDP and American businesses in lost growth. The study is the first of its kind to estimate the avoidable costs if a serious effort were made to improve Americans’ health



Europe Healthier Than U.S. >> (LA Times)

Healthy Living Could Save the U.S. $1 Trillion >> (LA Times) (A drop in the bucked compared to how much we spend on the current wars – see the National Priorities Project.)
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