How Crime May Affect Health Indirectly


Somewhere among the big pile of tags I use on this blog there’s one called “social-ecology”. I created this tag in order to classify stories and thoughts about how our built-environment, (urban design and the dynamics within it) affect our society.

My goal here is not only to raise awareness but also to trigger innovations that address these newly recognized challenges. This shows how seemingly unrelated factors actually have complex co-causal relationships.

This is systems-thinking in action.

“NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who are worried about crime in their neighborhood tend to have worse physical and mental health than their peers who aren’t as concerned about being crime victims, UK researchers report.”The study highlights the importance of the neighborhood, the local environment for health,” Dr. Mai Stafford of University College London told Reuters Health. “It shows that fear of crime is not just an emotional response.”People who are more afraid of crime aren’t necessarily at greater risk of being victimized, Stafford and her team point out. But they were less likely to exercise, see friends, and be involved in social activities, all of which are important to maintaining physical and mental health, the researchers found.”

Fear of crime may erode physical and mental health | Health | Reuters
Daniel Montano
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