A Possible Cycle of Consciousness pt.2


Diagram of the

Diagram: “The Cycle of Life” by Toru Sato.

Summary of “A (potential) Cycle of Consciousness pt.1”
(summary of an older post in this blog)
We begin life without consciousness of the “self” and we move to a point where we re-discover how interconnected (and interdependent) we are to everything else. This awareness may lead to a transcendence of the “micro self”. This may also become the beginning of a “macro-self” that includes humanity and the environment at large.

This means that somewhere along the line we realize that we are both: micro-and-macro-selves within a process that cycles.

Today I found this diagram by Toru Sato. According to the blog posting where I found it, [1] it is from a book called The Ever-Transcending Spirit, [2], and it deals with the “cycle of life”.

This diagram and my earlier posting seem to mirror each other at a high-level of abstraction.

[1] Diagram found at: Unurthed blog >  Link-out

[2] The diagram’s original source= Toru Sato’s The Ever-Transcending Spirit. (WorldCat Link) Link-out

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